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2019 TMBA and You – A Quick Review

As we are looking forward to 2020, we thought it prudent to review our accomplishments of 2019. Last year TMBA members and volunteers stepped up, participating in a wide variety of actions directly related to creating, enhancing and protection the MTB opportunities in Northern New Mexico.

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2019 Year in Review:

Spring Party/Trivia Night at the Taos Mesa Brewery.

Trail Masters Training put on by the Carson National Forest and ECTA. (The largest group of participants were TMBA members.)

Trail Maintenance on the South Boundary for pre-season clear-out.

…Trail Clear-Out on Lost Lake with the Carson National Forest and ECTA.

…Group Rides at Horse Thief, Talpa Traverse, The Overlook/Rift and others.

Give It Five Rides at The Overlook/Rift.

…Sent representative, along with a Forest Service Partner and ECTA representative to attend the IMBA Trail Labs workshop in Bentonville, Arkansas.

…TMBA Volunteers helped map current and potential trails on Horsethief Mesa.

…TMBA volunteers helped map current trails on the Rift/Overlook trails.

…TMBA volunteers helped map current and potential trails along the Talpa Ridge.

…Initiated discussions about trail adoption with the Carson NF, working with ECTA.

…Advocated for more funding for trails in front of the Taos Town Council.

…Helped ECTA apply for (and win!) an $8,000 IMBA Trail Accelerator Grant to assist with developing a trails plan for Talpa Ridge.

…Initiated official response to proposed loss of trail opportunities on North Boundary Trail with the Carson NF.

Fall camp out at Garcia Park, replete with group rides, camp fires, games and socializing.

…Submitted a formal objection to the Carson NF regarding the proposed exclusion of mountain bikes at Miranda Canyon.

…TMBA representatives attended the Carson NF Forest Plan Revision public comment meeting.

…Submitted extensive formal comments to the Carson NFs proposed Forest Plan Revision.

…Co-hosted MTB Day at Taos Ski Valley, and held including a bike maintenance workshop by TMBA.

…Officially changed our name to Taos Mountain Bike Association to better server Taos County and Northern New Mexico.