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Current Board Members

Bonnie Golden — Chair

Bonnie has always loved being outdoors and being active. She got turned on to a Stumpjumper in 1983 to ride dirt in Santa Fe. Back then there were no designated mountain bike trails. On her move to Taos in 1990, Mark Gates who started Gearing Up helped her upgrade her ride, while her friend, Debra Ledford was pro-racing and taught her all the best skills. Over the years her riding and her bikes have continued to get better. Bonnie says there's a myth that old people don't ride mountain bikes or singletrack. "Taos is full of old people and a lot of us are riding We TMBA people are working hard to provide safe, challenging, and well-maintained trails so we can keep riding, keep healthy and keep moving". As an older rider, Bonnie admits that she's taken her game down a few notches, but she still rides year-round with her Specialized Fat-Boy on snow and ice; come spring, summer, and fall she's hitting the dirt. Grunting uphill, knowing there's a downhill. If you pass her riding, she's the one who looks like that smile emoji cause that's what mountain biking does for her.

Dave Wilson — Treasurer

Dave grew up in Scotland, a land known for it's 'Right-To-Roam' and spent many happy days hiking the mountains and glens of the Scottish Highlands. Nowadays, in a land far from there, his favorite method of access to our beloved public lands is the mountain bike. He may not go fast but can reach far into the hinterlands to be at-one with nature. His wish is to help develop, maintain and protect the trails that provide this connection with the natural world.

David Matesi

David has been Mountain Biking since 2020, although an avid urban rider since the age of 14.
He loves everything bikes: MTN, gravel, bike camping.
He loves to ride with his pup, Cholla, and often rides extended bike camping trips with her on board.

Eric Mack — Comms Committee Chair

Eric Mack’s first mountain biking experience involved taking a road bike onto the trails west of Denver at age 13. The bike didn’t survive, but he did. His decision-making remains questionable at times. After several years without a bike living in remote parts of Alaska, he moved to Taos in 2005 and finally bought a proper hard-tail after being introduced to the area’s unappreciated shred potential (shout out to Charles Clayton). He also spends his time as a dad, husband, journalist, amateur off-grid guinea pig, trail runner, skier and full member of Taos Search and Rescue.

Jen Witt — Secretary

Jen has been an avid New Mexican mountain biker for the last twenty years. Prior to moving to Taos with her husband, she lived and biked in Los Alamos and Gallup. A mtb accident several years ago landed her in the hospital for 16 days and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to return to the sport she loves. Jen is now back on the trail with a new appreciation and enthusiasm that she wishes to share with others. She hopes to pass on her continued love for single track through trail advocacy. When not working as a public school elementary teacher, Jen can be found out in nature with a giant smile on her face and her trail dog, Piper.

Molly Crickman

Molly Crickman was out hiking and saw a mountain biker drop off a cliff in the woods and send it over a log booter. Thinking this was the raddest thing ever, they went home and ordered their first mountain bike that night, and never hiked again. Fast forward 3 years, Molly now is the co-owner of Rift Cycles, an enduro mountain bike racer, advocate for inclusive spaces in cycling, and the person dropping cliffs and sending booters.

Robert Krause

Robert has lived his professional life in the underbelly of the restaurant business. These days he spends more time on his bike than in the kitchen. A lifelong runner and mountain climber, being on his mountain bike has been a great transition for him to spend more time outside.

Spencer Bushnell — Trails Committee Chair

La tierra es alma.
Spencer is an advocate for preservation of public access to our wild spaces.  It's imperative in this age to preserve local access to our public lands in and around Taos as more and more property is developed.  He is an avid outdoors person and values conservation.  You will often find him in the hills riding, running and exploring.

Former Board Members

• Asia Golden

• Ben Thomas

• Chris Ellis

• Craig Saum

• Doug Pickett

• Erin Fusting

• Jake Wilkes

• Jeff Mugleston

• Jessica Caskey

• John Poynter — Stoke Committee Chair

• Kerrie Pattison

• Lindsay Mapes

• Liz Finkelstein

• Loren Bell

• Nate Berg

• Randolph Pierce

• Ray Deveaux

• Roger Pattison

• Sean Cassily

• Susie Fiore