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TMBA Meets Carson NF

Mountain bike at Lost Lake on the Carson National ForestTaos Mountain Bike Association Board members, led by Chair Jess Caskey, met with Erik Garner the Carson National Forest Recreation Coordinator this March. The purpose of the meeting was to re-introduce TMBA to the staff of the agency and present TMBA’s new strategic plan. The group explored how TMBA’s members can help make trails better for mountain biking through a spirit of greater cooperation with the agency. Many of the premier area trails pass through the Carson.

TMBA detailed its desire to adopt high profile mountain bike trails – such as the South Boundary Trail, an IMBA Epic – and organize volunteers to improve trails by clearing dead-fall, repairing blow outs and cleaning tread surfaces. Mr. Garner was receptive to the idea, and invited the mountain bike community members to participate in the Forest Service Trail Masters Workshop (June 8th and 9th). This training will educate volunteers on how to make quality trail improvements that meet forest service standards.

TMBA believes that trail improvement can happen several ways. While organizing larger events for larger trail projects is important, utilizing smaller groups for quick trail maintenance can also have a big impact. Even just five minutes a ride to move branches or kick rocks off the trails could help to improve local riding conditions significantly. Garner said that the conversation about regular trail improvements will continue and he looks forward to a more active cooperation. cJ