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TMBA Responds to North Boundary Ride Threat

Fire mitigation efforts are planned to take place on the North Boundary Trail area. The prescription for the area is to use equipment to reduce the amount of flammable materials in the area. In order to access the area, the fire access road (used by MTB riders as part of the North Boundary Ride) will be reopened.

TMBA was able to draft a letter of concern and circulate a petition, responding to the post mitigation “restoration” proposals in the current plan. At this point, current restoration proposals are for nothing to be done to the equipment access except to decommission the first 100 feet. There are no proposals to restore the trail back to its current state of use. TMBAs request was that the Carson National Forest do more, after using the equipment access, to restore the trail back to its current riding condition. Of course, TMBA and its members will be happy to assist in these efforts.

Though TMBA supports fire mitigation efforts, we strongly oppose the proposed “restoration” prescriptions being considered by the Forest Service for the North Boundary Trail. The current proposal will result in the net loss of riding resources in the Taos area.┬áTMBA requested that after mitigation work, the equipment access be returned back to its current single track status.

TMBA will stay informed on continuing developments. If you would like to participate in helping to keep riding resources available in our area, please consider joining TMBAs Protect Committee. Contact us

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