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Winter/Spring MTB Trips

I don’t like to stop riding in winter. Over the years I have explored the west looking for winter and spring riding opportunities. You might be surprised about some of these areas that I have come across… I was. When looking for ideal places to ride, some of the considerations I took into account included:MoreWinter/Spring MTB Trips

South Boundary Trail is CLEAR!

South Boundary Trail is CLEAR! 9 outstanding TMBA volunteers and 2 awesome Forest Service employees cleared 39 trees (ranging from big to MASSIVE) off 20 miles of this IMBA Epic trail in an epic all-day push. Huge thanks to Enchanted Circle Trails Association for coordinating the event, and both The U.S. Forest Service-Carson National Forest and Rocky Mountain Youth CorpsMoreSouth Boundary Trail is CLEAR!

Better Trails in June

It is the start of the riding season. With it comes our first opportunities to help make riding in Taos even better, by exploring and improving our trails:   June 2 Saturday, 9am TMBA hosts a Group Ride on Horse Thief Trail. Meet at the Taos County Transfer Station at 9am on Saturday morning.  MoreBetter Trails in June

Socorro Trails

This little trail surprised me because it is actually in NM. It is a 9 mile purpose built, multi leveled system. It is built on terrain very similar to the upper reaches of the Rift Valley Trails, except they are a touch steeper. To start the ride, one winds through the sage, towards the ridge,MoreSocorro Trails