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TMBA in discussion with Town of Taos about installing a pump track

Two representatives from TMBA met with the Town of Taos Facilities and Special Events Director, Mitch Miller to discuss the feasibility of a installing a pump track on Town land.

Pump tracks are fast becoming wildly-popular essential hubs for bike communities due to their minimal requirements of space and maintenance, and accessibility for all types of users . While the Town previously approved the development of a dirt pump track behind the Youth and Family Center in 2009, TMBA believes the construction (dirt) and location (hidden) both contributed to its eventual return to nature.

TMBA has been communicating with various town officials about the idea of a modular pump track that can be placed in a temporary location until such a time that a suitable long-term place for it can be found, and are seeking to put the idea before the Town manager and Mayor.

Mr. Miller was enthusiastic about the idea, and suggested several locations he thought could handle a permanent installation. He also expressed the opinion that an asphalt pump track could fit in well in several locations the Town is looking at for facilities development.

Asphalt tracks are cheaper and longer-lasting, and this is the preferred style for TMBA. We began looking into modular pump-tracks purely as a means to get something installed somewhere in Taos, even if in a temporary location slated for future development.

TMBA will resume discussions with the Mr. Mitchell and the Town after the New Year.