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Author: TaosMTB

TMBA Defends MTB Access to Miranda Canyon

Taos Mountain Bike Association sent a letter to the Carson National Forest advocating for mountain bikes to retain their continued access to the Miranda Canyon area on the Camino Real Ranger District. In order to address the issues with Miranda Canyon (illegal dumping, wood gathering, illegal road development) the established advisory committee proposed that theMoreTMBA Defends MTB Access to Miranda Canyon

South Boundary Trail is CLEAR!

South Boundary Trail is CLEAR! 9 outstanding TMBA volunteers and 2 awesome Forest Service employees cleared 39 trees (ranging from big to MASSIVE) off 20 miles of this IMBA Epic trail in an epic all-day push. Huge thanks to Enchanted Circle Trails Association for coordinating the event, and both The U.S. Forest Service-Carson National Forest and Rocky Mountain Youth CorpsMoreSouth Boundary Trail is CLEAR!

TMBA Board Member Addresses Town of Taos Council About Budget

Taos Mountain Bike Association board member, Loren Bell, addressed the Taos Town Council at the public forum on the town’s draft budget on Tuesday, May 21. Mr. Bell opened his comments by pointing out that mountain biking can and should be a key revenue stream for Taos. Americans spend $81 billion each year on bicycleMoreTMBA Board Member Addresses Town of Taos Council About Budget

Relive: Questa to Diablo

Northwest of Questa in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument awaits one of Taos’ lesser-known, but greater-fun trails. Markings are few, but the route can be pieced together on MTB Project (Punto de Coyoto -> Vista de Questa -> 244F) with great effect. You won’t be disappointed. Just one of the many possibilities outMoreRelive: Questa to Diablo