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Give It Five Group Ride Talpa Sunday 9am

On Sunday, August 11th, 9:00 am, TMBA will host another GIF Group Ride on the Talpa Trails. We will meet at the Taos Youth and Family Center parking area. This is a “No Drop” ride that is rated for Blue and above skill level. All are welcome, so if you are not sure about your ability, but are willing to go for it, we wont leave you behind. We will also include an option for riding parts of Ojitos. Ride leaders are Spencer and John.

As with all Give It Five Group Rides, we will encourage participants to stop along the ride and spend five minutes making the their trail better by moving loose rocks or other debris. The other goals of a GIF ride is to ride with our neighbors, not leave anyone behind and to have fun!

See you at 9!