Chatterley and Frieda (The D.H. Lawrence Loops)

Trail Description

These trails are located approximately 3 miles north of Arroyo Hondo. Routes are about 11 miles long with 2 loops and a lollipop section to access the loops.

Note: These are not maintained system trails. There is ongoing work in the area by the Forest Service for thinning / fire mitigation.

The lollipop is about a mile long and is accessed through a culvert under State Road 522. First half of the lollipop is easy; second half is fun rocky section in and on the side of an arroyo.

First loop is DH. The first few miles include lots of fun arroyo crossings mostly in the woods. Then cruise through a little sagegrush and end in an almost mile long gradual downhill in Ponderosa forest which arrives at a cattle grate.

The second loop starts at the cattle grate, go ¼ mile south on the forest road and then enter the forest again to the left. The first couple of miles of this loop is fun curvy riding in forest, after which you climb a hill on a slightly challenging rocky trail. Then you go down an even more challenging rocky section, then back to woods. Finally after a little over ¼ mile you are back to cattle grate from the end of DH Loop.

Go back over grate, 30 yards on dual track and slant off to left for more fun arroyo crossings for about a ½ mile to gravelly fire road which is where you go back last mile over lollipop to culvert and parking lot.


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Chatterley and Frieda (The D.H. Lawrence Loops)   


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