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Tres Piedras Camp-and-Ride Apr 28-30

TMBA will once again host a Camp and Ride on the Tres Piedras FS District. We hope you will RSVP if you think you just might make it; Fri, Apr 28, 2023 – Sun, Apr 30, 2023

Two night camp out with rides on Saturday and Sunday mornings (around 10am). Come for one or both nights and/or the ride days of your choice.
Saturday evening the TMBA Board will host a Burgers and Brats Cook out (vegetarian options available).

Beginners through Advanced Riders welcome. The rides will consist of tours in and around the fantastic landscape of granite out-croppings. This is easily one of the most scenic areas near Taos. The basic trails/routes are all on dirt and encircle several rock areas. More adventurous riders will have opportunities to play on the rock. All moves and rolls are opt-in, so you choose the fun that best suits you.

Join us Saturday evening for a BBQ hosted by the TMBA Board. The evening will begin with a tap-able beverage provided by Taos Ale House (one of TMBAs awesome supporters), along with Chips and Salsa; Then we will fire-up the grill for Burgers and Brats (Veggie options available). As a note, Taos Ale House is ramping up the experience of our Burgers and Brats by acting as TMBAs supplier. Yum.

1) How many people in your party?
2) What days do you plan to attend? Are you joining for the rides only?
3) What level/type of riders can we expect?
4) How many Saturday Eve burgers for your party?
5) How Many Brats?
6) How many Veggie Burgers?


DIRECTIONS: Camping and Rides-
Continue on hwy 64 past the Tres Piedras FS Ranger Station. The next right will be a dirt driveway with a large water tank just up the hill. Follow this unimproved FS road towards the Campground.

1) RSVP is FREE and helps us coordinate food and activities. TO RSVP, RESPOND TO:

2) Not all ride routes are trails; many are clear routes on natural materials ie. Pine needles, grass and rock.

3) We will be sharing space with Climbers and hikers, so be prepared to be patient, gracious and accommodating. This is SUPER CHILL riding.

4) Mountain Biking is dangerous. TMBA is in no way responsible for you during these rides. All riders must sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for their safety (available at the trialhead) to participate.