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All the reasons Taos Mountain Bikers can be thankful in 2021🚵

Most of all, we’re grateful for this community.

In 2021, our membership grew to over 100 strong. Not bad for a little ski– er… bike town.  And that level of support got stuff done this year and gave us all so much to be thankful for.

The pandemic era in Taos has been a time of remarkable growth that’s come with some surprising growing pains and unexpected threats to legal and long-established trail access right on the edge of town. It has been heartening to see so much vocal support for the rights of all Taoseños and Taoseñas (not just mountain bikers) to access our public lands. So thank you to everyone who rallied to show you care about the Outward Link Trail and who called and sent letters of concern to local officials. Most of all, thank you to the Town of Taos for hearing those concerns and for moving to safeguard a treasured public resource.

We’re already deep in the feels here, but just getting started with the gratitude:

We’re blessed to live in the shadow of the glorious yet still somehow underrated Sangre de Cristos and even more stoked to be the stewards of our local epic, the South Boundary Trail.

TMBA officially adopted the SBT this year and had a great time working with the folks at the Carson National Forest and volunteers like you to maintain and improve the trail, a process we intend to continue in the years to come. But this is no one-trail community and we’ve been proud to put in a lot of sweat (not too much blood or tears, fortunately) on the Lost Lake Loop, Rift Valley Trail system and elsewhere as well.

More reasons we’re grateful –

  • The exciting potential for new trails in the Talpa Ridge areaHorsethief Mesa and the West Rim of the Rio Grande Gorge, not to mention all our great agency partners who are committed to meeting the need for new trails in our area.
  • All our Trail Masters and the excellent training provided by the US Forest Service.
  • Our official TMBA Jerseys are here! For a limited time only and just in time for holiday shopping. How convenient….
  • Getting to hang out and ride with dozens of you at our two campouts and numerous group rides this year.

More importantly now than ever, we’re thankful for our continued health, as individuals and as a community.

Enjoy your time this week with friends, family and hopefully with some pie. We look forward to working those calories off with you on the trail somewhere soon.

Stay safe out there,

– Taos Mountain Bike Association