TMBA has been working closely with the Enchanted Circle Trails Association to develop a comprehensive multi-use trail system on Talpa Ridge. This area was identified as the top priority for natural surface trail development in the Enchanted Circle Trails Plan which was developed with extensive public input between 2015-16, incorporating over 1,000 public comments received through a dozen community engagement events.

Recognizing this priority, and the need for more trails close to home, the Carson National Forest requested ECTA develop a conceptual trail plan for the area. Increasing the recreation opportunities for all users on Talpa Ridge will spread out the use and minimize perceived trial crowding and reduce encounters between trail users.

TMBA members have been instrumental in the plan’s development, providing many days of volunteer trail inventory and design input. In addition, TMBA helped secure and fund an $8,000 matching grant to enlist the services of Trial Solutions, an international leader in multi-use trail system design and development to ensure the needs of all user groups were being met and that the landscape was being used most effectively.

The plan is still in active development and is an iterative process that will continue to change as we learn and implement best practices for creating shared use trails that most effectively serve the diverse population of Taos and Northern New Mexico.

Check out version 2 of the Draft Conceptual Trails Plan here: Talpa Ridge Presentation.pptx