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May 7-14

Horsethief – counter-clockwise

We’re upping the ante a little bit. Horesthief is a solid blue trail, and a 10-mile ride (not including the John Dunn Bridge spur). Do the loop by the end of the last day, and let us know about it:


Or, post a photo on Instagram of Facebook and tag @taosmtb


We’re getting some prizes going, but the ultimate prize is getting outside.

Getting outside and exploring your public trails responsibly and safely is a great way to stay in shape and stay sane during this unprecedented time. While we’ve put all our regular activities (trail projects, group rides, spring fling) on hold, we would like to encourage people to take advantage of our miles of open space.

Of course, we also encourage everyone to dial things back a notch or two – this isn’t the time to try and send that sick line you’ve been eyeing. Keep your rubber on the dirt, and ride responsibly:

  • Avoid crowded trails and trailheads.
  • Park at least 6 ft apart.
  • Ride with family members, not friends.
  • Practice safe passing (6 ft distance).
  • Dial down the risk. Even further. A little more. There you go.